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I don't really know what to say, all I know is I don't want my life to be something wasted.

octobre 20th     9:31 am

i just plotted a way to get out of p.e. class

octobre 19th     9:00 pm

its w/e right now as far as college goes

octobre 19th     8:55 pm

i forgot to cite a quote in my application essay!!! *worried face emoji*

octobre 19th     8:07 pm


i wish i could be a better friend

octobre 19th     8:02 pm

octobre 19th     7:32 pm

octobre 19th     7:14 pm

Anonyme: I feel like trash and I like a boy and he's basically hella rad and I wanna vent and you were my go to person even though we aren't even close. Oops

Even if we aren’t close it’s okay for you to come to me my friend. Although I may not be the most helpful when it comes to “boys”, yet I’m willing to listen. What’s on your mind?

octobre 18th     1:15 pm

baraka Allahu fik!! I love you all

octobre 16th     4:35 pm

Yuanyang rice terraces, China.

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octobre 16th     3:46 pm


Rosewood Ave, Landings LAX Runway 24L, 2006,

Kevin Cooley

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octobre 16th     3:46 pm


Coasts (2007 - 2012)

octobre 15th     11:19 pm

jsut sent my application in to unc

octobre 14th     10:25 pm


shout out to zits around the mouth/nose for keeping me humble. every time i start to think i’m cute they show up and remind me to stay grounded. thanks.

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octobre 14th     10:13 pm


me: *is an array of fancy cheeses*

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octobre 14th     9:54 pm


but do aliens believe in me….

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