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I don't really know what to say, all I know is I don't want my life to be something wasted.

juillet 30th     10:05 pm

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juillet 30th     3:35 am

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juillet 30th     2:52 am

im so sorry that i shut down when you show that you care-

i’ve just been so alone for so long-

and looking for love in all the wrong places-

so forgive me when i love you like i love solitude and

cold nights 

juillet 30th     2:31 am


yo how much dirt you gotta throw in the ocean to make a new country

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juillet 30th     12:43 am


i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill

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juillet 29th     10:49 pm

really want to be in amsterdam

juillet 29th     10:43 pm


Duane Michals - Primevera (Springtime)


Duane Michals - Primevera (Springtime)

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juillet 29th     2:59 pm


BWGH x PUMA F/W 2014

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juillet 29th     11:36 am


The weirdest thing is that people talk about “coming out” as if it’s this big momentous thing that only happens once while in actual fact it’s something that you do almost every single day every time you talk to a new person every time you’re in a new situation you’re constantly weighing your options, the ability to be your true self vs the advantages of being a false self and honestly it’s so fucking exhausting

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juillet 29th     1:12 am


Wait a minute… If that’s MY aesthetic… And that’s YOUR aesthetic… THEN WHO’S FLYING THE カセットコレクターボックスは420面を設定

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juillet 29th     1:11 am


björk by john rankin waddell

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juillet 29th     1:05 am

white gays need to be kept in their place

juillet 28th     11:54 pm

it really sucks because i work all the time and i really wanted to hang out with this boy :(

juillet 28th     11:22 pm

a french GF kind of night 

juillet 28th     11:07 pm

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